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Dormir à gorée Maison Augustin Ly

The Augustin Ly house, the charm of Goree.

On the peaceful and timeless island of Gorée, with its sandy streets, the Augustin Ly House is nestled in the heart of the old Bambara neighborhood, at the corner of Blanchot Street and Company Street.


Restored 18th-century building, Maison Augustin Ly exudes the blended charm of traditional Gorée’s; architecture with its thick basalt walls coated with lime, its enclosed courtyard, terrace, galleries, and balcony (it's one of the oldest houses on the island). It also meets the modern-day conveniences such as air conditioning, internet, hot water, and electricity.

Each of the three rooms and the Suite (or 2 rooms upstairs) of the house allow guests to access the common areas, enjoy a tea in the courtyard, meditate on the terrace, read under the covered walkway, or admire the sea from the balcony.

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Each air-conditioned room features a private bathroom, 2 Mbps WiFi, and a small work table for the most diligent. All beds are equipped with mosquito nets. If you desire, your room will be scented with traditional incense, the Tchouraï.


The rates are:
Single room :28 000F (43€)
Double room : 37 000F (57€)
Double room, large or upstairs B&B : 42 000F (64€)
Triple room B&B : 48 000F (73€)
Upstairs Suite B&B (max 4 pax): 67 000F (102€)
Half board :
Standard :
26 500F (41€)
Prenuim :
30 500F (46€)
Full board :
Standard :
31 500F (48.5€)
Prenuim :
33 500F (51.5€)
Breakfast and overnight tax are included in the rates.


There is the possibility of renting the house by the week. Contact us.
  (Best rate guaranteed by booking directly from the website at the bottom of the page or by phone).




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